“Rixos World – The Land of Legends – includes every necessary thing to make a child dream come true” Stefano Capaccetti – Executive General Manager

The Land of Legends Theme Park is Turkey’s largest life and entertainment center, which had the Grand Opening this summer, July 2016, in Belek, Antalya.



It is a project that should play an important role in Turkish tourism, a collaboration between Rixos World Parks & Entertainment, Emaar Real Estate PJSC – one of the world’s largest real estate corporations Dubai-based  (Emaar’s famous projects: the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa and the world’s largest shopping mall – the Dubai Mall) and the world’s leading brand in cultural creativity Dragone Productions.

I had the pleasure to visit The Land of Legends, exploring the whole park and facilities, being fascinated like all the happy guests that come here, no matter if they are adults or children. Everybody can have great entertainment at the Theme Park and more than that, you can feel here the touch of Rome, Venice or Disneyland, all together in a glamorous and elegant style!








The theme park includes a 111-meter long Legends Tower, which will mostly host family activities and the visitors will enjoy shopping at well-known stores, accompanied by entertaining shows and a boat parade along with the glamorous rhythm of French horn and drums.






The five-star hotel on site, also called “The Kingdom” is located on a 17,000-square meter area and has over 400 rooms including family rooms, standard suites, a presidential suite and four rooms for physically disabled guests. Each room has a double screen LED TV and PlayStation.










The Theme Park also offers shows and virtual platforms, such as simulations and animations using special technologies. The Legends of Aqua entertainment park includes an aquarium called “Waterfront Kingdom,” which enables visitors to swim with dolphins and experience an underwater safari; “Secret Lagoon” with a wave ball pool and lazy river; and “Adventure Rapids” including over 70 water slides, a 43-meter long typhoon coaster reaching up to 85 kilometers per hour and a 5D cinema.














And also should be mentioned the spectacular Restaurant 111, a sense of mystery and fascination; you enter the world of the sea’s most ominous predators. Light and shadows dance across the rock ceiling of a magnificent cavern, where several species of sharks swim. Separated by a massive glass partition, the dining area and the aquarium create an experience that’s simultaneously mesmerising and exciting.









“This project is dedicated to family holidays and includes every necessary thing to make a child dream come true”, mentioned Stefano Capaccetti – Executive General Manager – Rixos World The Land of Legends Theme Park, during the interview that I took to him.


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Anca Pavel: Mr. Stefano Capaccetti, it is a pleasure for me to be in touch with Rixos Hotels and to recommend to Romanian tourists, all the hotels from Rixos Group. I am happy to talk to you about Rixos World – The Land of Legends Theme Park – Turkey’s largest life and entertainment center. Could you please present, from your perspective, this new concept? Why is unique in Turkey and maybe also in the world?

Stefano Capaccetti: The Land of Legends theme park is a unique project that combines on one area water park, amusement park, open air retail zone and Kingdom – a specially designed for children 5 star hotel. This project is dedicated to family holidays and includes every necessary thing to a make a child dream come true.


A.P: The Land of Legends offers a different concept compared to other hotels. World-famous names like Franco Dragone, the founder and art director of Dragone Productions, worked on this project. Can you tell me how this project came to life?

S.C: Indeed offer many different concepts and activities compare to other properties. Cooperation with Franco Dragone started few years ago in order to bring a World Famous artist of entertainment.


A.P: What is the difference between Land of Legends and Disneyland?

S.C: Characters of the park reflect modern art trends and are very unusual in their futuristic costumes. Some of them remind flowers (for example, orchid man), some of them look like reptiles or fishes.


A.P: What are the tickets prices of the theme park?

S.C: 45.USD adult, 30 USD children


A.P: As we know, the theme park offers animation using special technologies.Could you please give an example of such technology that can we find here?

SC: We offer 5D cinema with moving chairs and splashing waters.

The highest waterslides have a special lift for the boats so guests doesn’t have to carry them while they are on the way to the top.

All Kingdom rooms are equipped with Dual Screen TV that makes possible watching two different channels at the same time with the help of two different glasses

Our Chimera fountain is a special combination of 4 elements: air, water, fire and earth. With modern technologies it is possible to make fire right on top of water splashes.


A.P: What Guests nationalities came to the Land of Legends, this first year?

S.C: We received guests from more than 50 countries, but majority was from Turkey, Middle East and Europe.


A.P: Now, Land of Legends is a multi-concept destination in Turkey. Would Rixos bring a new concept like this to another country?

S.C: Yes, we are planning to open another Theme Park in UAE and other countries.


A.P: As I very well know, Rixos Group has also hotels in other countries, such as United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Egypt, Croatia etc. What are the key factors to make international guests happy?

S.C: In my point of view, high standards of service, good daily and night entertainment for adults and especially kids are major factors for guest satisfaction together with all park activities.


A.P: Thank you, Mr Capaccetti! Wish you all the best and many happy guests, fascinated about this new concept!


Many thanks also to Mr Hakan Kaynakci – Director of Global Sales Rixos Hotels – for the invitation and for the great hospitality!






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